Why Choose WebTekdi.com?
WebTekdi.com creating HTML website to Build your Business Online. We are helping you to build online from scratch. All the HTML code and content of website is design & maintain by the WebTekdi itself. Here, you can select your website design, buy website name and select hosting plan with us.

1. What is HTML?

HTML is the acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a form of programming language that is used to make web pages on the internet view able. So it can be said that it is because of HTML that web pages are interesting to look. Web developers use HTML keywords or tags to instruct the Web browser application how to format and display the content of Web pages.

2. Save a Ton of Money

Usually, it costs around 12000/- to hire a web developer, who designs a website. Add the yearly hosting fees and maintenance fees to that and you’ll end up spending your entire marketing budget on building your website.
This is why more and more small to medium businesses are now choosing WebTekdi.com to built websites to get their business online. WebTekdi.com however, is best for businesses who are starting up to come online. Because it’s affordable and so easy to setup that even someone without any web design knowledge can build a website in 4 steps only.
Here, in a bundle package you can easily select your website design, website name, hosting plan in a affordable price including yearly maintenance which save a lot of money. WebTekdi.com also handling website content and website security.

3. Select any Kind of Website

Yes! we have 150+ business category and 450+ website design to serve you

4. WebTekdi will handle maintenance

Maintaining a website involves a lot of work. WebTekdi will keep your website up to the latest standards, optimize it for mobile devices, implement good security to prevent hacker attacks and more important, adding new pages and content to your website. Think about all the money and time you can save.

5. Continuous Support and Updates

WebTeki.com is providing 24*7 customer support and will give update of each task on your order. Will also consult for all marketing structure and strategy.

6. Supports Mobile Devices

WebTekdi website is fully responsive and supports all mobile platforms and screen sizes.

7. Better Security

WebTekdi.com help you protect your website from hackers, malware, enforce strong passwords and keep your site safe from all sorts of bad things.

8. Turn Your Website Into An Online Store

WebTekdi.com will design your website in such a way that, you can get order from website and easily explore your product on website.

9. Build Your Own Community

WebTekdi.com will help you to build your own community by creating Facebook Page and Instagram Account. We will also consult you, to market your products on this platform.

10. Translate Website into a Different Languages

WebTekdi.com will build website with your local language.

11. Customize t he Website Design

You can easily customize website at any time according to your latest update and events. Our content management team will help you to update your website up to date.

12. Improved Marketing Solutions

Our marketing team will consult you best marketing strategy to explore your business and gain customer

Come Online. Earn Online with WebTekdi.com